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See how many you can recognize.

By Fro Design via io9.


School supplies by Public School.

[via pink shirts and car wrecks]

Art, architecture and design by Tokujin Yoshioka.

[via base times height divided by 2]

Graphic design by Clarissa Gonzalez.

[via Of Paper and Things]

“Boolean Taxidermy” by Zeitguised.

Rift is a book by James Jean that’s more than a book. And more than an art book. It’s double-sided accordion-like work that creates a new tableau as it’s folded over onto itself. Watch a demonstration of it below.

[via Book By Its Cover]

Art and design by Kenji Hirata.

Dowling Duncan redesigned US currency. You better bet Obama’s on the one dollar bill.

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Hippie-dippy Russian artist/photographer/designer Ei Ka is all over the place.

Fuck your moleskine. Real hipsters use an inspiration pad. (TMShop via Today and Tomorrow)

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