Secret Cinema is a monthly event in the UK that aims to put the spontaneity and mystery back into the cinema-going experience. Events are themed and can feature upwards of one hundred performers. The featured film and location are always kept secret.

Check out the Secret Cinema experience from a recent showing of Blade Runner:

It’s about creating a new way of audience’s experiencing film and creating a new community for film. What we’re trying to ultimately achieve in the grand scheme of things, with the birth of online media and people moving away from the traditional multiplexes, is to bring about the dialogue around film which you would get in the 1930s and 1940s. Back then you didn’t have weeks of spoilers in The Guardian or online so there was a sense of wonderment around film which we’re trying to recreate.

[. . .]

It’s very much open for all, but in terms of people being first to know, the audience subscribe to our newsletter at and that gives them the first access to new tickets going online. Anyone can join our Facebook and Twitter groups and what those do in the weeks before the event is create the context of the films we are screening, so we seed in the clues and build a world around the feeling of the film that people are going to be seeing – we ultimately then start a narrative as people arrive. So they already have an idea from the clues but we do throw some curve balls in there on the night to make it more exciting. So everyone has an idea of what they are going to see – the sights, smells and sensations – and we release important information like the location a couple of days before.

Read an interview with Secret Cinema co-producer Hamish Morrow at Huh Magazine, and check out the Secret Cinema website and YouTube channel.