Experimental filmmaking has always been a fringe affair by its very nature. Stan Brakhage, perhaps the most famous experimental filmmaker in history, barely made enough money when he was alive to to pay the bills. Now he’s got a Criterion Collection two-disc DVD and Blu-ray to his credit. But that goes with the territory – you’re not experimental and avant-garde to make a living. Peter Tscherkassky is the kind of filmmaker who has very little regard for the expectations of his audience. Outer Space creates rather than implies the manic state of disassociation and panic its source material tried, through standard filmmaking techniques, to portray. Every frame, scrape, white chink of back-light flies by, impresses on your mind, and disappears. Unlike Brakhage, much of Tscherkassky’s work is a purely black and white affair. The cobbled whole leaves an indelible mark.

Tscherkassky’s work is available on the Index boutique DVD label as Index 08.