daegu sunset, originally uploaded by alshain49.

Tomorrow’s our last day at Jungwon. Goodbye Goesan, goodbye virtually all the other program members. By this time tomorrow night, I’ll be sleeping in my own room with my homestay family. I think we’re all ready to leave – six weeks is a long time for any kind of orientation. Not that it wasn’t fun.

My homestay family consists of a husband and wife who own and operate a Korean restaurant. They have two sons, one in middle school and another in elementary school. I suspect I’ll be expected to tutor them (although our contracts specifically state that we shouldn’t be compelled to do so), which I don’t mind. I’m also a ten minute walk from my school which is convenient as hell.

Tomorrow my co-teacher and the principal of the middle school will arrive in Goesan and eat lunch with me. For an hour and a half. It’s guaranteed to get awkward. I will then either bus it or drive with them to Daegu and be dropped off with my homestay family. No doubt a dinner will follow, considering their vocation. I’m a bit nervous, but I’m sure it will be fine. I’ve no idea when I’m supposed to start teaching. It could be Friday, it could be next week. I’ve also decided tomorrow is the day I quit smoking. Change of environment and all that. Hope it sticks.