Today was placement day. We all dressed in our business best and lined up quietly in a rehearsal of what will happen on departure day when our school principals and co-teachers see us for the first time. One by one our names, cities, and schools were called out and we ascended the stage to place a small post it over our location on a massive map of Korea. I wasn’t as nervous as some, I just really, really didn’t want a rural placement. We were called geographically based on location, and I when I heard “Jacob Schmidgall, Daegu, boys middle school,” I was pretty happy. Most of the group seemed pretty happy with our placements, actually. Or if anyone wasn’t, they took pains not to show it. I think tonight will be “get drunk in celebration / cry into your beer” night for a lot of people. But Daegu looks pretty nice to me. Time to do some research.