Tomorrow is placement day. We find out what kind of schools we’re being sent to and where. They run the gamut from tiny schools in the most rural places in Korea to massive urban cities with population densities that would make everyone but the Japanese nervous. We’ll also find out whether they will be co-ed, all-girls or all-boys. What we won’t find out is what our host families will be like, or whether our co-teachers will be passive watchers or active participants. We’re told not to compare the placements we each have as that can lead to envy and hard feelings. In past years, some people have been placed in lovely upper-class homes and given lavish gifts by their host families. Others have had the exact opposite experience, with one extending program member telling us in a panel that her first home-stay was “unique” and refusing to elaborate further (that couldn’t possibly be a good thing). So what’ll it be? I’ll find out tomorrow.